An introduction to sustainable energy

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oil derrick rig (pixabay)

The energy crisis is just one of many problems the world is facing today. But it has had far-reaching effects on humans and the environment. However, it will affect the future world more than the present. With the growing world population and development aspirations, the need for energy continue to increase. To meet this energy demand, we need to move away from the nuclear power, fossil fuel, and coal power plants we use today and focus on alternative sustainable energy sources.

Technology development has caused many environmental problems, but we can also use it as a key factor in solving them. It is true that the oldest technologies in the transport, energy, industrial and agricultural sectors still influence our basic life support systems such as clean water, fresh air, and fertile soil. However, new technologies can be used to prevent global warming, air pollution, water, and soil pollution. With the use of new technologies and renewable energies in every key area, we can protect the future world.

What is Sustainable energy

Sustainable energy can be defined as sources of energy that are not expected to be depleted within a given time frame and may be reused. It also contributes to the sustainability of all organisms and the environment.

The above definition of sustainable energy and the definition of renewable energy represent the general definitions of both these terms. However, some renewable energy sources do not meet sustainability requirements. For example, the production of bio-fuels such as ethanol in fermentation has proven unsustainable in some life cycle analyses. However, all renewable sources are generally regarded as sustainable sources of energy.

Sustainable energy sources

Fossil fuels and coal are not considered sustainable sources of energy because they are harmful to the environment and not readily available. We must reduce our dependence on fossil fuels because they are dangerous to the environment. Many countries in the world are already looking at renewable energy. About 20% of the world’s energy requirements are met through renewable sources. Hydroelectricity is the most common form of alternative energy used worldwide.

There are many sources of sustainable energy for countries to stop using fossil fuels. This energy can be reused and helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions without causing any harm to the environment. Let’s take a look at some of those renewable energy sources.

Solar energy

Sustainable energy
Bird’s eye view of solar panel roof
Photo by Tom Fisk from Pexels

The sun is an extremely powerful source of energy and it is one of the best forms of sustainable energy. The sun gives us energy in both light and heat. Both of these forms of energy are important in our daily lives. For example, to produce food, to grow plants, they need light and heat energy to maintain body temperature. However, there is very little intensity of sunlight on the earth’s surface. This is because we are relatively distant from the sun and absorb about 54% of the solar light from the surface atmosphere and clouds.

Solar energy is now widely used, and common homes and even large corporations are using solar panels. It has become an energy-producing industry globally.

Ocean energy

sustainable energy
Wave Surfer

We know that about 70% of the earth is covered with water. Most of it is ocean water. The potential for generating electricity for ocean energy is far greater than any other energy source. This sustainable energy can be used in three ways: wave, tidal, or ocean thermal energy conversion.

Tides can be a great source of energy when used effectively. It can also be used to power several cities simultaneously. Ocean thermal plants can convert the kinetic energy of the waves produced in the ocean into the mechanical energy of the turbines, thereby turning them back into electrical energy through the generators.

Wind energy

sustainable energy
winds turbine

The wind is a natural source of sustainable energy. It can be used in many ways and places to produce immense power. Today, these energy sources are being commercialized. In the past, this energy has been used as the kinetic energy needed to sail ships.

Many companies and businessmen have invested heavily in electricity and windmills to generate power through this power source. In the near future, sustainable energy, such as wind power, will be a big industry and fossil fuel use will run out. In Europe and Asia, it is a large commercial industry, and India already has a large number of windmill owners.

Hydroelectric Power

sustainable energy
hydroelectric dam

Generally, hydroelectric power is capturing the kinetic energy of moving water in rivers or streams and thereby generate electricity through turbines. Today it is very common and is a major source of energy for many countries in the world. Due to the scarcity of resources in some countries, they are importing hydropower from other countries as well.

The above sources are just some of the best examples of sustainable energy models expected to lead the world in the near future. They are very sustainable and do not cause environmental impacts. Moreover, their inability to decay and their impact on the environment make them an ideal alternative for future energy needs.

Future of sustainable energy

Developing low carbon energy technologies such as biofuels, wind energy, ocean energy, solar thermal power, solar photovoltaic power, etc. is a global need to address the global challenges of energy security, climate change, and economic growth.

And the future world will focus more on these sustainable energies and the future human activities will affect the survival of the Earth and its organisms.


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