Biometric Identification for a Voting System

Biometric Identification Recognition in 2020


Designing an electronic voting system that has biometric identification and cloud computing features is very important since today’s voting system needs lots of manpower. And also developing countries, still use ballot paper-based voting system. But countries like India, Australia, and Norway have implemented an electric voting system, Unfortunately, still they use human power in the identification process. Automating the identification process reduces the manpower needed to conduct an election as well as for the vote-counting process.

There are so many researches done in this environment, but the major issue with them is that voters need to go to their home town and corresponding voting center to provide their votes. And also foreign employees cannot provide their valuable votes. This impacts on the reduction of the percentage of votes provided. There is a voting method called the online voting system. But this system is lacking security, performance, and also the cost is high.

The following system will avoid above mentioned problems by automating the identification process and the voting process. In this solution, it will check his/her electronic ID details with the data in the database. Afterward, voters fingerprints will be scanned and checked against the provided fingerprint in the database. Simultaneously, his face will be scanned and checked against the database using facial recognition. The voter needs to pass these 3 tests to be eligible to vote. After that, the voting panel will be available to vote. After everyone has finished giving their vote the data will be uploaded to the cloud database from the local database.


 The main objective of this research is to develop a more secure, reliable voting system with biometric identification which will automate the identification process as well as the voting process.

The following table will provide the specific objectives to be met.

1How to identify the voter and what mechanisms will be used for it?Implement a Biometric-based identification system. RFID based ID card, Fingerprint, and Face detection mechanisms will be used to identify the voter in a more accurate way.
2How is the voter going to cast his vote after passing the identification process? Will it be user friendly?Develop a user-friendly voting panel for casting votes to improve usability.
3Where would be the data will be stored?Implement a cloud-based database to increase availability.
4What will happen if there is a network failure?Implement a local database for the voting system to increase availability.
5How to view election results?Implement a Web Application to manage the voting system.
6Will it be secure?Implement security mechanisms to secure the voting system.


Flow Chart

The methodology is important in such a system. The following items will simply brief the whole system into five categories.

  1. Creating a centralized and local database to store data.
  2. Implement an RFID card to digitize personal data of voters.
  3. Use a fingerprint scanner to communicate with the database and to recognize users.
  4. Implement a face recognition system to communicate with the database and to recognize users.
  5. Creating the Web Application to manage the voting system


The above system is finally published via a web application so that a voter can cast their votes and view overall results in the real-time. Also, the system can be modified to newly enroll a voter by validating the rules given by the specific country of the voter.

Please submit an inquiry to obtain in-depth methodology including the technologies and software used to implement the above system.

Thank you.

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