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Article Guide

All the instructions and guidelines given below should be considered

1. Your article should have a flowing theme. No matter what theme you are presenting, it is best to present the article in a way that makes it clear to a group of fans in front of you.

2. Your article should not be derogatory to any religion, race, ethnicity or gender, and should not contain content that is exaggerated or disturbing the peace.

3. Do not directly quote any source, such as video, audio, article, etc.

4. You must also provide a few pictures (4 to 5) related to your article. There should be no watermark, nude or pornographic images or videos, and when submitting pictures.

5. The images need to include the caption and should be awarded (Credit) to the site or photographer who obtained the picture.

6. The minimum number of words in the article should contain is 550. The maximum number of words should be 1500.

7. Carefully consider the sources of information for your article. Information from sources that cannot be trusted is in no way endorsed. All information you provide should be genuine and reliable.

a. Wikipedia is not considered a reliable source.

b. If you are using a site as your source, you should  hyperlink wherever necessary or specify the reference at the end of the article.

c. If you are using a book, magazine or news article as your source, you should mark it where it needs to be and mark the source in the following order at the end of the article.

d. Book / Magazine Name – Author’s Name -Initial- Page Number – Edit (if available) – Publisher – Published Date / Year