India-China clash- 20 Indian troops killed

India China clash
India China clash(aljazeera)

Tensions have intensified on the Indo-Chinese border since 1962, and this unresolved border dispute has claimed no lives since the 1970s. But tensions have soared in recent weeks, and more than 20 troops, including an Indian commander, have been killed in clashes in Galvan Valley.

Chinese and Indian troops have been trapped in the controversial territory in the region since early May. However, there have been violent clashes on patrols on the border after China established military posts in India’s previously patrolled areas.

The Indian army said Tuesday that the deaths of the strategically important Galvan Valley “violent clash” had taken place. The army, which previously claimed the deaths of three soldiers, later confirmed that “17 more were killed while on duty and exposed to high altitude sub-zero temperatures.”

The Indian government blamed the Chinese forces for failing to “respect the line of the real rule” in the Valley.

Meanwhile, in a statement issued by the Chinese state media, Indian forces have entered the Chinese territory “illegally” and caused “serious clashes.” Also, Beijing’s Foreign Ministry has accused the Indian army and said Chinese soldiers had been “provoked and attacked” after Indian troops crossed into its territory.

Meanwhile, a senior official in the Trump administration said the United States was watching the situation and expressed “deep grief” to the families of the soldiers who died.

However, President Donald Trump’s hostility to China and India’s strategic embrace has been hampered. Even so, it is speculated that US troops would intervene if an Indo-Chinese border war began

Meanwhile, Brahma Chelani, Professor of Strategic Studies at the Policy Research Center, New Delhi, said: “The risk of further military conflicts cannot be reduced.

“What is happening now is a result of the Chinese invasion. Ladakh invaded India’s mainland. If [the Chinese army] does not want to retreat, the border situation will be tense and difficult.”

However, the Indian Army said on Tuesday that the Indian and Chinese troops had been withdrawn after intense discussions between the top military commanders.

Therefore, the resolution of this crisis or the start of a war between powerful nuclear-armed states depends on the decisions of the politicians of both countries.

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