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Importance of light to life

filament bulb lighting on hand Photo by Rohan Makhecha on Unsplash

Importance of light

Light is fundamental to human existence and it starts from photosynthesis, the natural food production process. There have been explorations of alternative sources that could shed light on the past. We receive the benefits of light through various fields, such as light-based industries, medical treatments, cosmological studies, and high-speed internet. Here we briefly outline the evolution of the bulb we are using today to provide the light needed for man’s everyday life.


Describing the visible range of light to human
Visible color range for human

The brightness of an object is called light. Also known as light is the visible range of the electromagnetic rays.
This light is a photon current, and the intensity of light depends on the number of photon molecules. Due to the oscillation frequency in the photon, there is energy in the light stream.

Sunlight is the first light detected on earth. The core of the sun is so hot that hydrogen in its surface is fused into helium, releasing a photon. This illuminates the entire solar system, including the earth.

The second natural light source is fire. Fire raises the temperature of its substances, emitting carbon particles and other elements. This process is called incandescent and the light produced by this is called incandescent light.

Beginning of using alternate light sources

Alternate light sources in BC

Egypt wall carving about a lighting technology

The use of fire at night began with the knowledge of how to handle fire. wood was used as a primary abrasive to get fire. then started to produce light by lighting animal fat along with moss in a hollowed stone or shellfish’s shell. later with the discovery of oil and wax started using for lighting. All of this happens in 125 000-3000 BC.

There is evidence that the homes lighted by a mixture of gas and fuel in China around 500 BC. Bamboo has been used for this purpose and is one of the found in the Zigong salt mines.

Invention of lamp

light- Argand Lamp
Argand Lamp

The Argand Lamp was invented by Aimé Argand in the 18th century, in 1780, which evolved into traditional oil lamps. Because the oil is stored above the flame to flow through gravity, the top of the lamp is heavier and has a shadow.
After that in 1784, Aimé Argand solved a problem by adding a chimney to the lamp, stabilizing the flame, and combining the air with a lamp. In 1792, William Murdoch initiated experiments on combustible lamps, and in the same year he invented the gas combustion lamp. Carcel lamp was discovered in 1800 by Bernard Guillaume Carcel, a French watchmaker. The specialty of this is that the reservoir above the flame of the Argand lamp is transferred to the bottom of the lamp. He had assembled a mechanism in the watch to disperse the oil into the flame. This mechanism provides the optimum amount of oil for combustion.

Evolution of bulb

Light- Description figure
Drawing of  Millers arc Lamp

In recent centuries, with the invention of electricity, the world has turned to electric light, and there have been experiments to do so. This resulted in the discovery of a carbon arc lamp, by Humphry Davi, in 1800-1809. This is done by providing electricity to a carbon electrode, increasing the temperature, and allowing the carbon particles. to evaporate. The carbon vapor propagates toward the electrode and thus generates light. The carbon arc lamp was used in highways and theaters because of the economic advantages of using these lamps over oil lamps. The disadvantage is that the carbon electrodes have a lifespan of about 72 hours, that has to
constantly replaced.

  1. In 1835, James Bowman Lindsay first demonstrated an incandescent bulb, he read a book about a foot and a half away. This was unsuccessful in economic terms because of the use of a platinum filament here.
  2. The first fluorescent lamp was invented in 1867 by A. E. Becquerel. This was based on the arc tube invented by Heinrich Geissler in 1856. Electricity here causes mercury to evaporate. Mercury vapor takes on a color similar to that of infrared light. Infrared light emits fluorescent light due to the phosphors embedded in the discharge tube.
  3. In 1874 Alexander Lodygin invented the filament bulb made of high melting metal. This was the first patented electric bulb, which was later sold to General Electric Company.
  4. In 1875, Henry Woodward invented a patent for the electric bulb. The globe is perforated by hand and inserted into the electrodes and air-sealed. The bubble was fitted with a vacuum pump and the air inside was removed. This is also an easily producible bulb to use.
  5. In 1879, Thomas Edison and Joseph Wilson Swan invented the bulb based on Henry Woodward’s bulb. It has a 40-hour lifetime and is patented. In addition, the bulb contained a carbon thread and the bulb was filled with nitrogen gas.
  6. In 1880, Thomas Edison developed another bulb, with a lifespan of 1,500 hours. Since his first bulb filament was made of platinum, its lifespan did not increase. He then turned to carbonized filaments. Thus a carbonated cotton filament was first used. This emitted a gentle orange glow.
  7. In 1904 Alexander Just and Franjo Hanaman invented the incandescent bulb with a tungsten filament. This has Hungarian patent number # 34541. This is much more light and durable than carbon filament lamps originally made.
  8. In 1926 Edmund Germer patented the fluorescent lamp we use today. This works at a lower temperature than the incandescent lamp and emits more light.
  9. LED was first invented by Oleg Losev in 1927. He observed the light-emitting as electricity flows through diodes made of Zinc Oxide and Silicon Carbide. Based on this, researches for LEDs began.

Experiments and inventions have given us the lights and bulbs we use today. Most recently, in 2008, LED filaments were created. these are efforts of numerous researchers and scientists.

Future of lighting

Light- LED filament lights
different shapes of LED filament lights

Due to the combination of necessity and architecture value, the market is booming in different segments. In addition, the light bulbs market is advancing in various sectors to save electricity, reduce radiation, and kill microorganisms in the air.

Above all, it is our duty to reflect on the work of these scientists. Today is the best day to do so, and this is why the Unesco Association has named May 16 as “International Day of Light“. The reason for their selection today is that the first laser beams were successfully carried out in 1960 on the same day.


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