Video games against Corona virus

Video games

.Do you ever think that ordinary computer games will be able to suppress the spread of coronavirus? Is it possible to control the virus that caused the death of a significant section of the world’s population and brought the world powers to kneel? This is not an exaggeration or a lie. Worldwide events since the initial spread of the coronavirus are a testament to this.

Early stages of Coronavirus and its spread

The Coronavirus first identified in Wuhan Province, China, and evolved into a global epidemic within three months. The carelessness of the head of states and the lack of preparedness has caused the virus to spread rapidly around the world. The world’s powerful nations and even the World Health Organization were helpless. In the face of the rampant coronavirus that claimed thousands of innocent lives. The World Health Organization then made recommendations to control the spread of the virus.  For Example, the use of face masks, washing hands with soap, and social distancing.

Of the above recommendations, social distancing has become a priority. Many countries completely shut down and a quarantine law enacted. It is noteworthy that WHO stated that computer games and its makers would make an effective contribution to the practice of social distancing to control the spread of the virus.

 Computer games that support social distance

Video games
The person sitting on a gaming chair while playing game Photo by Florian Olivo on Unsplash

In the current situation, feelings of loneliness and isolation may likely arise. Because world governments demand that peoples stay indoors and take steps to preserve physical distance. It appears that many people around the world have resorted to computer games. They hope it helps to overcome the psychological and social impact of this situation.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has previously referred to computer games as an addiction and health problem. But in the face of this widespread epidemic, the World Health Organization (WHO) is partnering with some of the world’s leading computer gaming companies to encourage people to stay indoors under the ‘PlayApartTogether’ theme.

In this time, playing computer games will bring you pleasure, enjoyment, and relaxation from problems. Also, it will help connect with friends in the virtual world. This will greatly help people to overcome anxiety, isolation, and loneliness, especially during this isolated period.

physically isolated, virtually connected 

Despite the fact that people need to be physically distant, Computer games help people to communicate together in groups and to join multiplayer games with their friends. Also, being able to keep in touch with the virtual world helps to overcome various psychological problems. Also. playing video games can bring many social and psychological benefits. For example, people who play multiplayer online games help to build a strong sense of social identity, high self-esteem, and reduced feelings of loneliness. These games often encourage players to work together toward a goal, and it also creates a sense of social harmony.

Video games
the person using computer playing FPS game Photo by Sean Do on Unsplash

In the current Corona epidemic, computer games have been helped peoples to effectively connect with their family, friends, and online friends, resulting in many benefits. To facilitate these activities, computer game makers have contributed to the free download of many games and free games on the relevant platforms. As a result, many of those trapped in the house are now playing computer games.

How Corona epidemic impact on the growth of computer game makers

Despite the global epidemic, the video game market is staggering in size. There is also a great demand for it. However, Video gamers have seen an increase in the number of people with the corona pandemic. A popular video game platform, Steam, records an increase in the number of users to its gaming service from March 21 to 22.

Also, many game makers have offered discounts on their video games to face this difficult situation. Founder of the indie video game site, Leaf Corcoran,  posted on Twitter that “many games can be downloaded and played for free.”, on his site, this is proof for the above statement. Many video game makers are helping to control the spread of the epidemic. Also, well-known companies like Nintendo and Activision contributing to it as well.

CNBC has reported that video production companies, including Nintendo and Activision, are showing good growth than most of the world’s manufacturing companies collapse. This event will be good news for the company as well as its consumers too.

 Forward with the Game

Video games
two persons playing Ps4 Photo by from Pexels

With all of these things in mind, with appropriate precautions, video games can be a fun and practical way to maintain social contact and fight feelings of laziness and isolation.

So, let’s play together and fight Coronavirus.

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