What made Steve Jobs a billionaire

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

1. Dream of life

Steve says: “Someone with a strong passion can change the world for the better” there should be a strong passion to serve and advance the society. Otherwise, you will not be able to move forward with a creative idea. Steve always had a dream and wanted to make that dream come true. That is why he was able to make a big difference in the world.

2. Make a difference to the universe

“If passion is the fuel of a rocket on your journey, only the right vision can lead the rocket in the right direction.” His vision was to make the computer a regular thing for people to use. To that end, he is creating a computer with an easy-to-use operating system called Macintosh. It was a big change in the computer world, and although many companies adopted this operating system, Steve’s remarkable vision was primarily for the change.

3. Activate your brain

“Creativity is the combination of certain things” The combination of things is about finding experiences that inspire others. Prior to the creation of the Macintosh system, he was able to enhance his creativity without stealing ideas that would inspire many people. Increase creativity by combining ideas from multiple fields without ever being confined to a frame.

4. Say no to a thousand things

Steve says he is proud of what he chose to do with Apple and what he chose not to do. When Steve came to Apple in 1997, it had about 350 products. He chose only 10 products to carry on. His business was a success. We don’t have to hug everything. You have to reject the 1000’s and choose the best. Steve says an invention is the removal of unnecessary things. That’s what’s needed.

5. Give extremely different experience from the business world

Steve always brings the latest in service to his customers. When he first introduced the Apple Store concept of selling Apple products, he gave customers a different experience than a typical computer store. Although there are computer experts, consultants, and intellectuals in the Apple Store, there is no cashier. The reason is that they are enriching the lives of consumers and not selling PCs. With this big change, Apple Store has become one of the world’s leading retailers.

6. Be an expert at presenting ideas

If you have the best ideas in the world but can’t send them to the people, those ideas don’t work. Steve is one of the best business speakers in the world. It is noteworthy that he does not come up with the idea that most people do. He is very knowledgeable, very refreshing, and entertaining in his presentation. He says presentation skills are vital to becoming a good businessman.

7. Sell dreams, not commodities

Steve’s view is that people who buy Apple products are not consumers, but people with hopes and dreams. As he says, he always launches a product that can fulfill people’s dreams. As soon as a new Apple product is introduced to the market, people are going crazy and buying dreams, not their products. He says that consumers’ appetite for Apple products can see their intelligence. He says that if you put out a product that can bring out their intelligence, they will win the hearts of the consumers.

Some years after Steve’s death, Apple remains the world’s number one company in the telecommunications industry because of his fresh ideas. If you ever want to be rich in life, Steve Jobs’ secrets to success are a great guide.

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